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2008.016 LAYLA versus VIOLETTA "Submission Battle"
Layla makes her return to Safprods to help us "welcome" newcomer, Violetta, to our mats! Violetta..
2008.017 BROOKE versus VIOLETTA "Scissor Submissions"
We are not a studio that has a reputation for taking it easy on our new recruits. We once again p..
2008.018 BROOKE versus VIOLETTA "Owned 2"
Typically we would have Keri "welcome" the new recruits or even visiting wrestlers from other stu..
2008.019 KERI versus LAYLA "Safprods Championship 2"
Keri puts the belt on the line against Layla who has been racking up some wins recently, thus, de..
2008.020 KERI versus CHRISTI "Match 1"
Keri introduces asian beauty, Christi, to our style of action in this one-sided beatdown bikini b..
2008.021 KERI versus CHRISTI "Pro-Style Beatdown"
We gave Christi another shot at Keri to show us what she has, but this time both ladies donned se..
2008.022 KERI versus TINA TINK "Model Student 1"
Keri is once again breaking in a new talent to see if Tina Tink has what it takes to become a wre..
2008.023 KERI versus TINA TINK "Match 1"
Safprod’s welcomed Puerto Rican toughy, Tina, to our stable of wrestlers and quickly threw her to..
2008.024 TINA TINK versus CHRISTI "Novice Battle"
After Tina and Christi both got destroyed in matches against Keri (see downloads in our Mat-Room ..
2008.025 TARA BUSH versus KERI "Belly Punch Battle 2008"
Keri & Tara meet up for a belly punch battle, but this time Tara is wearing a bikini! The lad..
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