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2006.002 KERI versus INDIANA "Match 2"
Keri & Indiana were back on our mats, but this time we brought in new recruit, Megan, to oversee..
2006.003 KERI versus MEGAN "Match 1"
Although outweighed by 100lbs Keri wanted to get her hands on Megan after she ruined her 2nd matc..
2006.004 ALEX versus DEVON "Match 1"
Atlanta's superstar duo of Alex & Devon did a series of 4 matches for us back in 2006, and th..
2006.005 ALEX versus DEVON "Match 2"
The storyline continues in Alex & Devon's return match for Safprods! TIME: (12:28) ..
2006.006 CASSIDY versus KRISTINA "Training Day"
Cassidy returned to Safprods in early 2006 and brought along one of her dancer friends (they were..
2006.007 ALEX versus DEVON "Unfinished Business 1"
Alex & Devon return once again for a set of two wild matches for our site! Alex is at her all..
2006.008 ALEX versus DEVON "Unfinished Business 2"
the final match featuring Alex & Devon for Safprods back in 2006 features a lot of back tortu..
2006.009 JENN versus KERI "Clash of the Titans 1"
Keri & Jenn re-ignite their popular rivalry from another site here at Safprods. It becomes qu..
2006.010 JENN versus KERI "Clash of the Titans 2"
Keri & Jenn get back on the mats, this time wearing sexy bikinis, to finally settle their riv..
2006.011 JASMINE versus MEGAN "Match 1"
Megan & Jasmine are interviewed before their first match anywhere. Both ladies got their star..
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