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2006.012 JASMINE versus MEGAN "Match 2"
Megan proves once again she's a dirty player when she attempts to sneak up on Jasmine whom is str..
2006.014 KERI versus MEGAN "Keri's Beatdown"
Megan was still upset about her loss to Keri from a few weeks earlier, so given the chance to sne..
2006.015 KERI versus MEGAN "Submission Challenge 2"
For the 2nd time in two years we determined that we had to settle a grudge with a 3-round "Submis..
2006.016 KERI versus BUSTY "Match 1"
Busty came to us as an experience roller derby girl but never wrestled before, so of course we ca..
2007 KERI versus AVA "1 Hour" Part 1
Originally released back in 2007 "1 Hour" still remains a very popular series of clips featuring ..
2007 KERI versus AVA "1 Hour" Part 2
Keri's destruction of Ava continues in Part 2 of "1 Hour" as she gets her helpless victim onto th..
2007 KERI versus AVA "1 Hour" Part 3
Keri continues her attack on Ava by tossing her off the couch and crushing her skull between her ..
2007 KERI versus AVA "1 Hour" Part 4
Ava's nightmare is not yet over as Keri wakes her up once again to drag her back onto the couch f..
2007 KERI versus AVA "1 Hour" Part 5
Keri finishes Ava off in the fifth installment of "1 Hour" by squeezing her poor neck in a straig..
2007.001 KERI versus AVA "Match 1"
Easily one of the hottest ladies to ever work in the female wrestling industry, and certainly the..
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