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2007.003 KERI versus MEGAN "Divorce Papers"
Our very first custom scenario has Keri trying to get Megan to sign "divorce papers!"  Keri ..
2007.004 KERI versus AVA "Pin Down Challenge"
Easily the sexiest match we shot up to that point, Keri & Ava meet up again sporting mat..
2007.005 KERI versus AVA versus MEGAN "Safprods Triad"
A round robin style match soon devolves into a "2 on 1" fght as Keri & Ava decide to jump Meg..
2007.006 KERI versus AVA "Ring Beatdown"
Latina beauty, Ava, completely destroys her opponent, Keri, in this pro-style ring match-up! (tim..
2007.007 KERI versus MEGAN "Squared Circle Showdown"
Megan outweighed Keri easily by 100lbs when they got in a ring together for the 1st time 2007.&nb..
2007.008 KERI versus JASMINE "Ring Match"
This pro-style encounter marked the 1st time we got Keri together with Jasmine for our cameras!&n..
2007.009 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Fighting Dirty"
Keri & Tara had a rivalry that was started at a couple of studios before they got on our mats..
2007.010 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Match 2"
Keri demanded a rematch after her initial pro-style match with Tara Bush, so we set it up right a..
2007.011 AVA versus JASMINE "Contenders 1"
This is the 1st of 3 matches to determine a contender to face Keri for our Championship!  Al..
2007.012 AVA versus MEGAN "Contenders 2"
Poor Ava next had to face Megan whom easily outweighed her by over 100lbs at the time of this Con..
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