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2007.013 MEGAN versus JASMINE "Contenders 3"
It was time for Megan & Jasmine to meet up after both had scored victories over Ava in prior ..
2007.014 MEGAN & AVA versus JASMINE "Pilates Instructor"
In this custom scenario, Ava & Megan scheme to jump Jasmine whom is under the impression she ..
2007.015 KERI versus MEGAN "Heart Punch"
These two enemies get back on the mats for this one-sided pounding of a match as the much bigger ..
2007.016 MEGAN versus VANESSA "Match 1"
We had high hopes for Vanessa, especially after her first match against Megan on our mats, but it..
2007.017 AVA versus BROOKE "Pretzel Logic"
Brooke's first match at our studio set the tone for her entire career in wresting, as she took on..
2007.018 KERI versus AVA "Belly Punch Battle"
Our very first belly punch battle was shot back in 2007 and featured our two hottest combatants, ..
2007.019 KERI versus BROOKE "Match 1"
The first match to set up the most popular rivalry here at Safprods, both Keri & Brooke took ..
2007.020 AVA versus MEGAN "Upset"
Ava was itching to get back on the mats with Megan after suffering a quick & humiliating defe..
2007.021 AVA versus JASMINE "Belly Punch Battle 2"
Our 2nd Belly Punch Battle endurance challenge pitted Ava & Jasmine together, their first vid..
2007.022 KERI versus BROOKE "Belly Punch Battle 1"
Our two toughest ladies met up once again to participate in the first (of many) belly punch battl..
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