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2007.023 KERI versus BROOKE "Owned"
This marked the first in a popular series of matches in which Brooke would so badly dominate her ..
2007.024 KERI versus BROOKE "10 Minutes in Hell 1"
The flip of the coin for "Owned" is of course "10 Minutes in Hell" where Keri completely dominate..
2007.025 KERI versus JASMINE "Out of Control"
What unfortunately turned out to be the last match pitting Keri against Jasmine was also the matc..
2007.026 KERI versus MEGAN "Final Showdown"
Another "swan song" match featuring one of our most popular earlier stars, Megan, facing off agai..
2007.027 KERI versus AVA "Iron Woman Battle"
Keri's last match with Ava had to be an epic affair, so we did our first (and only) Iron Woman Ba..
2007.028 AVA versus BROOKE "Ring Holds Challenge"
An endurance challenge set in a pro-ring, Ava & Brooke determine who can withstand these hold..
2007.029 KERI versus AVA "The Belt"
In this custom fantasy match-up, Ava puts the belt on the line when she faces Keri in the squared..
2007.030 KERI versus BROOKE "Belly Punch Battle 4"
The one and only time we did a belly punch battle in a pro-ring pitted our two toughest ladies in..
2007.031 JACKSON versus DEVON "Safprods"
We here at Safprods have been big fans of the ladies down in Atlanta for years. So, working with ..
2007.032 KERI versus DEVON "Hangman"
Keri & Devon meet for the first time anywhere in this match that has the Atlanta star surpris..
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