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2007.044 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Rivals Clash"
Keri sneaks up on Tara to get this fight going but finds out that she is no push over! Lots of pr..
2007.045 TARA BUSH versus KERRI TAYLOR "Tara-ized"
Tara jumped at the opportunity to mix it up with another model. Tara has always heard that she is..
2007.046 TARA BUSH versus KERRI TAYLOR "Camel Clutched"
Product Information Tara Bush & Kerri Taylor met up for a second time on our mats after Ker..
2007.047 CHLOE versus AURIANNA "The Hit"
We have pretty much found the perfect "Hit Woman" in statuesque AURIANNA as she is put on the cas..
2007.047 KERI versus MONIKA "Monika's Lesson"
Keri & Monika are roommates in this custom scenario, and Keri isn't too happy with her petite..
2007.048 KERI versus MONIKA "Match 1"
Keri & Monika meet up for their one and only bikini wrestling match on our mats. Although giv..
2007.049 KERI versus LAYLA "Match 1"
At the time of this match, Keri commented to us that it was real obvious that Layla's only other ..
2007.050 KERI versus LAYLA "Keri's Grudge"
Product Information Keri has revenge on her mind for her second match-up against one of our fut..
2007.051 AVA versus BROOKE "Scissors Challenge"
Ava & Brooke want to settle an argument on who the better athlete is, so they have a "Scissor..
2007.052 AVA versus BROOKE "The Hit"
Ava gets a visit from Brooke, a Hit Woman, who is there to take care of business! It turns out th..
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