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2007.053 AVA versus BROOKE "Match 2"
Ava & Brooke are back together in their second "official" bikini wrestling match! This time a..
2007.054 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Hit Woman"
No wrestling allowed, just brutal street fight tactics. No submissions or pins, just one fighter ..
2007.055 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Low Blow"
Both ladies wear sexy one piece suits in this mostly back & forth style match-up. Tara slowly..
2007.056 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Pin Down Challenge 2"
A specialized match in which both ladies struggle for pins for points during the time permitted. ..
2007.057 KERI versus TARA BUSH "Tara-ized 2"
Tara finally gets her chance to completely destroy her nemesis, Keri, in this one-sided beatdown ..
2007.067 TARA BUSH versus KERI "Punching Bag 2008"
Keri & Tara, bothing wearing sexy jeans, meet up for a Punching Bag endurance challenge. Keri..
2008.001 TARA BUSH versus BROOKE "Match 1"
We were never really sure what happened before Brooke & Tara's first match that set off Brook..
2008.002 TARA BUSH versus BROOKE "Belly Punch Wrestling 2"
Brooke & Tara meet up again, but this time it's a "Belly Punch Wrestling" match! The action s..
2008.003 KERI versus BROOKES "Safprods Championship 1"
Our first championship match of course had to pit Keri against her toughest rival, Brooke, in thi..
2008.004 KERI versus BROOKE "Match 9"
Fresh off her loss to Keri for the Championship, Brooke wanted a chance to once again prove herse..
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