BOBBI & BELLA had an instant rivalry once that met on our mats. Before this pro-style match-up could start, the ladies hashed out the rules for a “schoolgirl pins” match! Each lady got early scores in this one; flattening each other down and then securing a schoolgirl pin, counting out to ten before squaring off again in “mud wrestling” style on our mats! Halfway through this encounter, it became clear BELLA had “more in the tank” and started dominating her bombastic blond opponent! After scoring several more pins, BELLA grew tired of continuing to pin BOBBI, so she lifted her off the mats by the hair to place against the wall for some hard hitting belly punches! BELLA scores one last pin and a humiliating victory pose on top of our blond bombshell, BOBBI! (Time: 10:18)

2017.052 BOBBI versus BELLA “Pro-Style Schoolgirl Pins”

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