2017.060 ADRIANNA versus TASHA “Humiliated”

2017.060 ADRIANNA versus TASHA “Humiliated”
2017.060 ADRIANNA versus TASHA “Humiliated”
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ADRIANNA returns to our mats after a half year layoff and TASHA returns after two years! This marked the first time these two combatants squared off against each other, so we had no idea what to expect; and what transpired really shocked us! Our ebony Goddess, TASHA, completely dominated and destroyed our veteran star, ADRIANNA! It has been a long while since we have seen this bronzed beauty completely humiliated on the mats, and TASHA was more than happy to be the one to bring ADRIANNA back down to earth and give her a reminder that on any given day, someone can get their butt handed to them! (Time: 12:01)

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