Description- We started off with TILLY walking onto mats and challenging ADRIANNA to a 3-round match, and is instantly met with laughter. TILLY wanted to prove her sincerity, and added the extra stake that if she loses, she will leave Safprods! ADRIANNA gladly accepted the challenge and the ladies squared off for some wild bikini wrestling action! Holds included: Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Dragon Sleeper, Figure 4 Leglock Choke, Rowboat, Crippler Crossface, straight Head Scissors, MMA Armbar, reversed Figure 4 Head Scissors, Lotus Lock (Leg Nelson), Sleeper Choke, standing Head Scissors, Smothering Combinations, Pro-Style Pinning Combinations

Note- Although we did get in 2 more shoots with TILLY McREESE following this “loser leaves town” match-up, we can now safely state that the loser of this 2017 bikini wrestling battle will most definitely not be invited back to work with us.  (Time: 20:46)

2017.059 ADRIANNA versus TILLY “Loser Leaves Town”

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