Description- CELESTE RASMUSSEN is new to our production, having agreed to give us a shot thanks to her pal, TILLY McREESE, shooting with us a bunch throughout 2017. This custom storyline starts with CELESTE already laid out after a boxing match with TILLY. It appears that the lady have agreed to fight over a career boost at their “day job.” CELESTE has had enough of boxing so decides to next challenge TILLY to a wrestling match. Perhaps her brain was still “scrambled” from the knockout she experienced, because if nothing else, TILLY is a far more accomplished wrestler than CELESTE is at this time! The raven haired beauty completely dominates and humiliates her strawberry blond adversary! Each time TILLY manages to firmly plop herself down on the very petite, CELESE, she pulls out her cell phone to take a “selfie” to send off to her boss!  (Time: 11:51)

2018.003 TILLY McREESE versus CELESTE RASMUSSEN “Selfies”

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Tags: Tilly McReese, Celeste Rasmussen, Selfies, bikini wrestling