Description- LEXI has come out of retirement after only sitting out for little over half a year, but it seems that the roster for Super Action Fight Productions’ has already changed on her. LEXI begins to cut a promo about her return to the mats when she is unpleasantly surprised by new roster recruit, LANA LUXOR! The ebony powerhouse has only been in the wrestling industry for just over a year, but has already carved out an impressive career for herself, especially when it comes to competitive fighting. Standing at 5’7” with a powerful build, LANA scoffs at the petite “model turned wrestler” LEXI! When both ladies are on the mats, LANA (starting off wearing a tank top and shorts and then stripped to her bikini) quickly hoists LEXI up in a series of Bearhugs, and to add further humiliation, walks her by the hair multiple times like a dog! LANA next decides to show off her incredible leg strength as she crushes poor LEXI in a series of Body & Head Scissors, while once again, walking her around the mats to the great embarrassment of Safprods’ veteran star. LEXI is momentarily left on the mats after this round of torture, but it would appear LANA LUXOR has not had enough fun! The Ebony Goddess, looking stunning in her yellow bikini, then gets on top of LEXI for a series of chokeouts! If you love seeing a gorgeous young lady absolutely destroyed by a powerful beauty, you will not want to miss this one! (Time: 32:11)

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2018.017 LEXI versus LANA LUXOR “New Queen of Safprods”

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