Description- LANA LUXOR confronts her “friend” GABRIELLE for screwing around with her man in this custom storyline. GABRIELLE, wearing a cute top & shorts with flip flops over a bikini, is completely blindsided by her new rival, LANA, whom is ready for action in her sexy yellow bikini! LANA immediately brings the gorgeous brunette to the mats for a lesson in humiliation served up by one of the hottest new stars in the wrestling biz! Each time LANA finishes up on a painful hold, she walks poor GABRIELLE like a dog on her hands & knees, and strips her of a garment until she is down to her bikini! GABRIELLE is helpless throughout, as LANA toys her the entire time in this grueling one-sided beatdown! (Time: 20:53) PLEASE NOTE- You are purchasing a zip file containing a WMV & MP4 version of the video, plus a gallery of vidgrabs taken from the video.

2018.016 GABRIELLE versus LANA LUXOR “Humiliated”

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