Description- New recruit, LANA LUXOR, strolls onto our mats to discover Super Action Fight Productions’ veteran star, LEXI STYLES, stretching before her next match. LANA is quick to point out that it appears Safprods’ only has weak little “models” to which our petite Eastern European star challenges the Ebony Goddess to a match! What follows is a brutal one-sided beatdown with LANA utilizing a series of holds showing off her incredibly leg strength along with variations of chokes! After it is clear LANA LUXOR is the winner, she then proceeds to humiliate LEXI even more with a series of victory poses, pulling hair, and walking around the mats like a dog multiple times. An absolute masterpiece of female domination and humiliation as the roster of Safprods has to recognize that this new fighter is a dangerous opponent! (Time: 22:22) PLEASE NOTE- You are purchasing a zip file containing a WMV & MP4 version of the video, plus a gallery of vidgrabs taken from the video.

2018.019 LEXI versus LANA LUXOR “Challenged”

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