Description- SKYE BLUE is on our mats stretching when in walks in BARBIE accusing her of messing around with her boyfriend. SKYE laughs it off and tells BARBIE to move along, but the lovely Chinese fighter decides to hop on SKYE; bad move! SKYE takes her new rival to the mats and immediately works on her abs, lifting BARBIE’s legs straight up and folding her in half repeatedly! For those fans that love the performances of Japanese wrestlers, you will LOVE how BARBIE delivers her agony throughout this one-sided pounding! SKYE trash talks her victim the entire time while poor BARBIE squirms and squeals in her unescapable situation! SKYE then stretches BARBIE’s legs to the extreme, testing just how far they can go without snapping! It all ends with a pathetic spanking session on our couch with SKYE blasting a helpless BARBIE over her lap!  (Time: 19:16)

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2018.035 SKYE vs BARBIE “The Wrong One”

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Tags: Skye Blue, Barbie, Bikini Wrestling