Description- In this custom storyline, LEXI confronts LANA LUXOR over messing around with her man! Things heat up quickly and both ladies are in each other’s face ready to settle this! LEXI gives up size and strength to the Ebony Fighter and is easily brought down to the mats where LANA hops on top for a prolonged Schoolgirl Pin! LANA never relents on the trash talking and makes sure LEXI is uncomfortable with a series of bottom bounces while still in the pinning position. LEXI is left on the mats for a moment giving the illusion that her torment is over, but LANA had other plans as she once again hopped on top but this time facing toward her legs! LANA pulls up on LEXI’s legs and keeps her butt squarely on her victim’s belly, making it extremely difficult for her to breathe! Eventually LEXI’s body can take no more, and she conks out from the pressure. LANA scoops up the sleepy model and fireman carries LEXI off the mats.  (Time: 21:17)

2018.020 LEXI versus LANA LUXOR “Squashed”

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Tags: Lexi, Lana Luxor, Squashed