Description- LEXI will take on anyone and in any type of match/fight, as is evident in this wild kickboxing match versus the Ebony Goddess, LANA LUXOR! LEXI easily gave up 35lbs on her opponent, but went right at LANA looking to land some heavy shots early on! LANA was just too much for the petite Eastern European model/fighter. Brutal belly punches and deep drilling kicks had LEXI in trouble throughout the mostly one-sided encounter. LANA eventually brought the beatdown over to one of the couches where we thought (hoped) she would finally give up on LEXI so she can fight another day, but “oh no” the gloves came off for further punishment in the form of a squash wrestling match!  (Time: 21:21)

Includes WMV, MP4, & vidgrab folder in zip file 

2018.042 LEXI versus LANA LUXOR “Kickboxing Destruction”

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