2021_020 KERI SPECTRUM versus ANGI “Destroying Angi”


Description- Our video begins with KERI SPECTRUM (looking amazing as always in her bikini) impatiently waiting on her next opponent in our “apartment wrestling” living room set. When it was obvious KERI was being stood up by her next “victim,” she decided to seek out a replacement, and unfortunately for ANGI, whom was relaxing in the studio green room, that meant she was next!

KERI vanished into the room, and a moment later appeared with a startled ANGI, not quite ready for action, wearing a t-shirt and panties! KERI didn’t care if ANGI was ready or not, she simply wanted a punching bag to get her frustrations out on, and the recently returned Asian beauty was more than suitable for the veteran’s needs!

KERI immediately brought ANGI over to the couch and proceeded to crush her under her body in multiple positions. Not only was KERI looking to seriously injure her unfortunate “opponent” but she also wanted to humiliate, so “dog walks” were incorporated into this session of domination! ANGI barely could get her wits to put together any sort of defense, and before she knew it, she was on the mats with KERI wrapping her legs around and then using her powerful hands to squeeze hard on the Mandarin/Mongolian fighter’s head! When ANGI could barely take any more, KERI then got on the mats herself, for a prolonged Schoolgirl Pin session that witnessed ANGI weakly slapping and begging KERI to stop this one sided beatdown! (Time: 22:28)

Please Note- this zip file contains the WMV & MP4 files for the video, along with a folder of video grabs. 

2021_020 KERI SPECTRUM versus ANGI “Destroying Angi”

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