2021_22 KERI SPECTRUM versus VONKA ROMANOV “Pro-Style Catfight Round Robin Match 1”

Description- We were excited for the return of VONKA ROMANOV after over a year layoff from our mats, so we set up a 3-match round robin with one of her non-Safprods’ rivals, KERI SPECTRUM (although this was their first match for our production, these two ladies had clashed countless times for both Spectrum and even Cali’s Customs), as well as rookie sensation, VANESSA SKYE (coming up in next two matches)! We put the ladies in sexy one piece “Pro-Style” suits, but the action was clearly “Catfight” in style! And although we are currently shooting out of a huge studio space in northern New Jersey, we decided to “halve” the mat-space for the ladies to fight on; compelling them basically to wrestle in a “phone booth!”

KERI SPECTRUM and VONKA ROMANOV took up their rivalry clearly from where it was left off months back, with both ladies not only going right at it, but getting nasty with their tactics! There was some wrestling thrown into the action, but mostly to set up catfight-like holds designed to punish and humiliate their opponent.

Grapevine Pins, Body & Head Scissors, with a lot of Smothering, Facesitting, Belly Punching, Sleepers, Crotch & Breast mauling, Foot on Throat chokes; this ten minute fight is relentless until one lady is clearly rendered unable to continue, with a gloating victor waiting for VANESSA SKYE! (Time: 10:25)

Please Note- this zip file contains the WMV & MP4 files for the video, along with a folder of video grabs. 

2021_22 KERI SPECTRUM versus VONKA ROMANOV “Pro-Style Catfight Round Robin Match 1”

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