MIXED_2022_28 “POV Leg Destruction” starring KERI SPECTRUM


Description- KERI SPECTRUM is back in action, and started her 2022 Safprods’ production off with a POV Leg Destruction femdom clip! KERI starts off in a BJJ style Indian Deathlock, looking sexy as ever in her bikini! The trash talking is on point as KERI works the painful lock on her stunt victim! Next up, KERI slaps on one of her trademark Figure 4 Leglocks, and works it like she’s trying to snap her opponent’s shin! KERI is at 100% brutality in one of her rare MIXED Wrestling appearances. As a matter of fact, outside of her own production, you can expect to ONLY see her in MIXED action for Super Action Fight Productions! This release is exclusive to this webstore only femalewrestlingclips.com (Time: 5:45)

Note: This zip file contains the MP4 & WMV videos, plus a folder of video grabs.  

MIXED_2022_28 "POV Leg Destruction" starring KERI SPECTRUM

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