It has taken 2.5 years, but we are proud to announce the return of Lola to our mats! Keri has been waiting for this opportunity ever since the last time Lola left her unconscious after Submission Challenge” (check our Classics download section). What followed is one of the most sadistic beatings we have ever witnessed here. Keri was unrelenting with her belly shots, clawing, stomps, double hand chokes, hairpulling, and a great deal of face punching too. Lola is sobbing halfway through this beatdown, but Keri never once lets up on the savage attack. Keri finishes off the Latina beauty with a “Garvin Stomp” a unique finisher that involves stomping her feet all over Lola’s broken body. (time: 11:06)

2008.038 LOLA versus KERI "Unfriendly Reunion"

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