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2015.058 “Solo Punching Bag” starring ADRIANNA
Super Action Fight Production’s has prided itself on working with some of the most beautiful ladies ..
2015.059 SAMANTHA versus ADRIANNA “Camel Clutched”
This specialty match-up has both SAMANTHA & ADRIANNA squaring off in sexy bikinis on our mats! A..
2015.060 SAMANTHA versus ADRIANNA “Figure 4 Leglock”
SAMANTHA & ADRIANNA, two exotic beauties, meet up on our mats and set up a Figure 4 Leglock chal..
2015.062 JORDANA versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Catfight”
We promised ADRIANNA some tough competition during her visit to our studio, and lined up a bunch of ..
2015.063 SAMANTHA versus ADRIANNA “Titans Clash”
Only Super Action Fight Productions can arrange a bikini wrestling match with ladies as amazing as S..
2015.064 SAMANTHA versus ADRIANNA “Pro-Style Pins”
SAMANTHA & ADRIANNA meet up again, this time wearing sexy one piece suits for a specialty pins m..
2015.065 TARA versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Destruction”
We started this one off in “Classic Safprods” style, with both ladies cutting a promo and wearing si..
2015.066 TARA versus ADRIANNA “Pro-Style Showdown”
This match starts off “retro Safprods style” with both combatants wearing robes and cutting a pre-ma..
2015.067 ALYSSA versus ADRIANNA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”
ADRIANNA is not only one of the most beautiful ladies to get on our mats (let’s be honest, on any ma..
2015.068 ALYSSA versus ADRIANNA “Belly Torture”
ALYSSA decided to go right after ADRIANNA’s flat sexy belly to get this bikini wrestling started; de..
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