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2015.069 ALYSSA versus ADRIANNA “Humiliated Roommate”
- In this custom storyline, ALYSSA storms in on her roommate, ADRIANNA, to confront her over messing..
2015.070 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Destroying Lexi”
In late 2015, the industry’s most stunning beauty, ADRIANNA, finally got on our mats to take on the ..
2015.071 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Pro Holds Challenge”
LEXI & ADRIANNA are stretching on our mats and going over their scheduled endurance challenge to..
2015.072 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Scissors & Smothers”
ADRIANNA & LEXI squared off in a bikini wrestling match with an emphasis on head scissors and sm..
2015.073 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”
Although ADRIANNA & LEXI are fulltime bikini/lingerie models; they are always willing to prove t..
2015.075 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Models Clash”
A unique 3 falls match featuring two genuine bikini/lingerie models that also happen to be amazing w..
2016.002 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Belly Punch Humiliation”
We had the chance to do a “retro” fantasy belly punch battle with the industry’s two hottest models,..
2016.003 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Revenge”
ADRIANNA catches LEXI stretching on our mats and confronts her about their last match! Before LEXI c..
2016.004 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Titans Clash”
 LEXI & ADRIANNA square off for a one fall bikini wrestling match on our mats yet again in ..
2016.005 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle 2”
LEXI & ADRIANNA are back at it to see who has the harder punch and toughest abs but this time be..
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