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2016.040 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Belly Torture”
ADRIANNA & JORDAN meet up for the first time on our mats (or anywhere else for that matter) in a..
2016.041 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Bikini Queens”
A “dream come true” match featuring easily our two hottest stars in 2016! JORDAN has only been shoot..
2016.042 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Pro-Style Titans”
We finally get a one piece on JORDAN to test her Pro-Style skills against ADRIANNA! The ladies trade..
2016.043 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”
This much anticipated competitive match-up starts off with both ladies doing as many crunches as pos..
2016.050 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Bikini Battle 1”
ADRIANNA & JORDAN meet up on our mats again to kick off an intense day of matches; this time aro..
2016.051 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Bikini Battle 2”
Our two biggest stars, ADRIANNA & JORDAN, are back at it on our mats in this wild back and forth..
2016.052 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Bikini Battle 3”
ADRIANNA & JORDAN are back on mats for the last of three scheduled bikini wrestling matches! The..
2016.053 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Safprods Boxing”
We finally get ADRIANNA & JORDAN in a Safprods Boxing match although both ladies have already cl..
2016.054 NICOLE ORING versus ADRIANNA “Camel Clutched”
NICOLE ORING & ADRIANNA square off for what was supposed to be a bikini wrestling match, but onc..
2016.055 NICOLE ORING versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Battle”
When NICOLE ORING decided to step out of retirement and get on the mats for the 1st time in over 3 y..
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