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2016.070 LEXI vs ADRIANNA “Safprods Boxing 2”
ADRIANNA & LEXI put on the gloves again for another epic bikini boxing match! This match is high..
2016.071 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Selfies”
LEXI & ADRIANNA meet up on our mats for a one fall wrestling match; ADRIANNA wore a sexy tiny bi..
2016.084 ADRIANNA versus LEA “The Best Fighter”
This video picks up at the end of a boxing match between ADRIANNA and new recruit, LEA HART! Asian b..
2016.085 ADRIANNA vs LEA “Scissors Destruction”
LEA HART finally visited our studio; so of course we put her on the mats with our top talents! This ..
2016.086 ADRIANNA vs LEA “Romantic Rivals”
In this custom storyline, LEA HART and ADRIANNA are fighting over the same man and decide to settle ..
2016.087 BOBBI versus ADRIANNA “Destroying Adrianna”
We start off with ADRIANNA talking directly to her “lover” before BOBBI gets on the mats for a sneak..
2016.088 BOBBI versus ADRIANNA “Dominated”
BOBBI catches ADRIANNA with her guard down on our mats and immediately goes on the attack, first sof..
2017.001 ADRIANNA versus BOBBI “Titans Clash”
Could you think of a better pair of ladies to kick off our 2017 schedule than ADRIANNA & BOBBI? ..
2017.002 ADRIANNA versus GWEN “Welcome Back”
Way back in early 2012, a tough athletic Jersey shore brawler named GWEN decided to try out for us a..
2017.003 ADRIANNA versus GWEN “Back Destruction”
ADRIANNA finally meets up with Safprods’ veteran GWEN on our mats for a bikini wrestling match! The ..
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