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 2014.227 ALYSSA versus RAVEN “Bikini Catfight 1”
RAVEN is new to wrestling but is super strong and possesses quite possibly one of the best bodies we..
 2015.037 ALYSSA versus MORGAN “Safprods’ Domination”
Visiting fetish superstar MORGAN DEL RAY spent some time on our mats stretching to get ready for a l..
2013. 102 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”
Shot at the Tickle Abuse studio in NYC, BOBBI & ALYSSA got together to see who had the harder..
2013.048 BOBBI versus ALYSSA "Bikini Battle"
Bobbi & Alyssa are both new to wrestling, but as soon as this match started, it was clear tha..
2013.049 BOBBI versus ALYSSA "Scissors Destruction"
Both ladies have a background in dancing, possessing equally powerful legs & a competitive natur..
2013.075 SAMANTHA versus ALYSSA “Scissors Battle”
Alyssa and Samantha finally meet up on our mats for a multi-fall bikini wrestling match-up loaded wi..
2013.078 ALYSSA versus ROCCI "Safprods Boxing"
2013 has proven to be an impressive year for new recruits, and two of those newb fighters don the..
2013.103 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Bed Smothers”
Bobbi & Alyssa are lounging together on a small bed when the brunette decides they should wrestl..
2013.144 “Solo Punching Bag” starring ALYSSA
  Alyssa tests her own abs with her powerful blows for us in this unique custom request..
2013.145 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Sneak Attack”
BOBBI is waiting on our mats for her net match against ALYSSA, but the brunette beauty is not loo..
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