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2012.067 BRITTANY versus CHLOE "Bikini Destruction"
Brittany & Chloe never disappoint when on the mats, and especially when we pit them against e..
2012.104 CHLOE versus GWEN "Bikini Destruction"
One of our hottest rivalries gets even hotter in this back & forth bikini wrestling match! &n..
2012.107 CHLOE versus CARISSA MONTGOMERY "Bikini Destruction"
These two amazing wrestlers get back together after nearly a year since their last shoot together..
2012.137 CARISSA MONTGOMERY versus TAYLOR TRASH "Bikini Destruction"
This marked Taylor Trash's first shoot in well over a year, so we wanted to make sure to test whe..
2013.011 SUMIKO versus NICOLE ORING "Bikini Destruction"
The wait is over!  Safprods' was able to finally bring the industry's two hottest stars togethe..
2013.055 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA "Bikini Destruction"
Chloe & her roommate Samantha settle a boyfriend dispute on our mats!  The action is pretty..
2013.095 HEATHER versus CHLOE “Bikini Destruction”
Another short but oh so sweet bikini wrestling match between Safprods’ exclusive titans, HEATHER ..
2014.040 ALYSSA versus BOBBI “Bikini Destruction”
Easily our most popular rivalry, ALYSSA & BOBBI, get back on the mats to square off in an action..
2014.101 CHLOE versus BOBBI "Bikini Destruction"
"Oh Great! She's one of my favorite wrestlers to fight!" was BOBBI's reaction to the news that ou..
2014.156 ALYSSA versus IZIS “Bikini Destruction 1” (re-release)
ALYSSA & IZIS had heat from their day job so when they got on our mats for the first time facing..
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