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 2013.100 BOBBI versus SAMANTHA “Cosplay Knockouts”
After many years of our fans requesting this type content, Safprods finally delivers!  Bobbi &a..
 2013.120 HEATHER versus BOBBI “Reversed Headscissors 1”
Heather & Bobbi square off again on our mats!  Heather immediately takes control of the ..
2013. 102 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”
Shot at the Tickle Abuse studio in NYC, BOBBI & ALYSSA got together to see who had the harder..
2013.048 BOBBI versus ALYSSA "Bikini Battle"
Bobbi & Alyssa are both new to wrestling, but as soon as this match started, it was clear tha..
2013.049 BOBBI versus ALYSSA "Scissors Destruction"
Both ladies have a background in dancing, possessing equally powerful legs & a competitive natur..
2013.072 BOBBI versus ROCCI “Safprods Boxing”
This was shot during ROCCI's first shoot on our mats as she faced off against her best friends BOBBI..
2013.073 SAMANTHA versus BOBBI "Punching Bag"
Samantha & Bobbi have been making a big impression on all our fans since they both started sh..
2013.076 SAMANTHA versus BOBBI "Competitive Belly Punch Battle"
Our two hot Latin recruits SAMANTHA & BOBBI finally meet up on our mats, but for their first enc..
2013.077 BOBBI versus ROCCI "Holds Challenge"
Bobbi & Rocci are both new recruits at Safprods and both are looking to move up the roster real ..
2013.099 BOBBI versus SAMANTHA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle 2”
BOBBI and SAMANTHA are dressed in sexy bikinis to once again go at it in a real competitive belly pu..
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