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2011.021 CALI versus CARISSA "MMA Style"
We tried something different with CALI & CARISSA by having them wear mouthguards & mma regul..
2011.023 KERI versus CARISSA "Belly Punch Wrestling"
KERI finally meets up with CARISSA MONTGOMERY on our mats and gets to see the future of our company ..
2011.024 KERI versus CARISSA "Punching Bag"
KERI challenges CARISSA to a Punching Bag endurance challenge and really lets her have it until she ..
2011.038 JENN versus CARISSA "Bikini Battle"
The "Queen of the CATfights" JENN made her return to the mats after over 2 years layoff, and decided..
2011.039 JENN versus CARISSA "Pro-Style"
JENN & CARISSA MONTGOMERY get back on our mats, but this time, wear sexy one piece suits for a "..
2011.040 JENN versus CARISSA "Lingerie Battle"
For their 3rd match-up JENN & CARISSA MONTGOMERY decided to try on some lingerie!  That doe..
2011.041 JENN versus CARISSA "Scissors Battle"
JENN & CARISSA MONTGOMERY wanted to determine who had the stronger legs so they met up for a "Sc..
2011.078 JENN versus CARISSA "Hardcore"
JENN & CARISSA MONTGOMERY meet up for a ferocious bikini wrestling match that is pretty even at ..
2011.079 JENN versus CARISSA "Pro-Style Dominated"
JENN & CARISSA MONTGOMERY meet up once again wearing sexy one piece suits for a pro-style wrestl..
2011.080 CALI versus CARISSA "Brutal Workout"
A friendly workout turns "nasty" when Carissa starts bragging to Cali that she has the better body!&..
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