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2011.071 CALI, DANIELLE, & JORDANA "Full Nelson Challenge"
Initially set up as a round robin endurance challenge, this Full Nelson event devolves into a 2 on 1..
2011.136 BRITTANY versus HEATHER "Full Nelson Destruction"
The video starts with Brittany already getting squeezed in a reversed bearhug by Heather!  Our ..
2012.019 SUMIKO versus CHLOE "Full Nelson Challenge"
Another addition to our unique series of matches that focuses in on Full Nelsons as well as Rever..
2012.021 SUMIKO versus BRITTANY "Full Nelson Beatdown"
Sumiko sneak attacks Brittany to start off this unique bikini wrestling encounter and immediately..
2012.037 CALI LOGAN versus KYMBERLY JANE "Full Nelson Domination"
Cali sneaks up on Kymberly on our mats and completely dominates her bigger opponent throughout th..
2014.075 BOBBI versus LEXI “Full Nelson”
BOBBI & LEXI met up on our mats to go over some holds and start off with Full Nelsons. BOBBI app..
2014.129 ALYSSA versus LEXI “Full Nelson”
ALYSSA & LEXI squared off for a bikini battle but the raven haired beauty immediately trapped th..
2014.132 CARISSA versus ALYSSA “Full Nelson”
CARISSA is not only one of the sexiest ladies working in wrestling today, she is also a pretty tough..
2014.133 SAMANTHA versus LEXI "Full Nelson"
Bikini/Lingerie model, LEXI, joined our ranks in 2014 and sought out our top talent of the time to l..
2015.025 PIXIE versus SUMMER “Full Nelson”
A friendly demonstration of a pro-style hold gets downright nasty when PIXIE shows SUMMER how to app..
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