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2008.045 LOLA versus KERI "Humiliated 1"
In this fantasy custom match-up, Lola absolutely destroys are champion, Keri, to the point she is..
2008.050 LOLA versus KERI "Humiliated 2"
At long last we are finally releasing the much anticipated sequel to last year's most popular rel..
2009.053 JACKSON versus DEVON "Humiliated"
Atlanta's biggest wrestling stars meet up on our mats for one last time in this one-sided beatdow..
2010.095 JACKSON versus BRITTANY "Humiliated"
We thought for sure that Brittany would have her way with Jackson our mats when they met, and may..
2013.012 SUMIKO versus NICOLE ORING "Humiliated"
  SUMIKO is scheduled for another bikini wrestling match with NICOLE ORING but it seems the ..
2013.027 HEATHER versus JADE "Humiliated"
Heather doesn't even bother to change into her bikini to face Jade on our mats!  The Latina ..
2013.067 DEVON versus HOLLIE "Humiliated"
Hall of Famer boxer & competitive wrestling/catfighting superstar "Hot Stuff" Hollie finally ..
2014.160 ALYSSA versus IZIS “Humiliated” (re-release)
We have experienced an amazing Renaissance of new talent starting with Alyssa, Bobbi, Rocci, & S..
2015.057 LEXI versus TASHA “Humiliated”
TASHA, in her first video for Super Action Fight Productions in two years, confronts LEXI over some ..
2015.069 ALYSSA versus ADRIANNA “Humiliated Roommate”
- In this custom storyline, ALYSSA storms in on her roommate, ADRIANNA, to confront her over messing..
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