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2010.152 BRITTANY versus JORDANA "Destroying Jordana"
Jordana had some experience, but as far as rolling with our roster, there was no question, she st..
2010.154 JORDANA versus ALICE "Match 1"
Jordana definitely had the slight experience advantage over Alice, but there was no question that..
2011.025 JORDANA versus HANNAH "Pro-Style"
Friends off the mats, JORDANA & HANNAH, are anything "but" when they get on the mats to face eac..
2011.026 JORDANA versus HANNAH "Holds Challenge"
JORDANA & HANNAH are both new to bikini wrestling, but it doesn't mean they don't have something..
2011.027 KERI versus JORDANA "Punching Bag"
JORDANA came to us from another site known for it's Belly Punching.  As our fans know, Safprods..
2011.029 KERI versus JORDANA "Belly Punch Destruction"
KERI & JORDANA meet up for another "Belly Punch" related video.  This time around it's a Be..
2011.068 DANIELLE versus JORDANA "Punching Bag"
DANIELLE might be new to Safprods, but she quickly proved she's one of the toughest in our ranks.&nb..
2011.069 DANIELLE versus JORDANA "Holds Challenge"
DANIELLE & JORDANA are still pretty new to wrestling and certainly to our mats, so we wanted to ..
2011.070 DANIELLE versus JORDANA "Belly Punch Wrestling"
DANIELLE & JORDANA LEIGH get back together to compete in one of our most popular styles of match..
2011.071 CALI, DANIELLE, & JORDANA "Full Nelson Challenge"
Initially set up as a round robin endurance challenge, this Full Nelson event devolves into a 2 on 1..
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