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2005.002 KERI versus AVA "Match 2"
Following the ending of their first match, Keri demanded a rematch against her new nemesis, ..
2005.002 LOLA versus KERI "Match 1"
This marked our first shoot with Keri whom would go on to become our most popular wrestler during..
2005.003 LOLA versus KERI "Submission Challenge"
Keri demanded a rematch following her first encounter with Lola, so we set up a multi-fall submis..
2005.006 KERI versus HONEY "Match 1"
Our first ever Super Fight happened in late 2005 when we set up a shoot with Keri & British s..
2006.001 KERI versus INDIANA "Match 1"
Keri returned to us in the Summer of 2006 looking like a super model! Her first match was up agai..
2006.002 KERI versus INDIANA "Match 2"
Keri & Indiana were back on our mats, but this time we brought in new recruit, Megan, to oversee..
2006.003 KERI versus MEGAN "Match 1"
Although outweighed by 100lbs Keri wanted to get her hands on Megan after she ruined her 2nd matc..
2006.009 JENN versus KERI "Clash of the Titans 1"
Keri & Jenn re-ignite their popular rivalry from another site here at Safprods. It becomes qu..
2006.010 JENN versus KERI "Clash of the Titans 2"
Keri & Jenn get back on the mats, this time wearing sexy bikinis, to finally settle their riv..
2006.014 KERI versus MEGAN "Keri's Beatdown"
Megan was still upset about her loss to Keri from a few weeks earlier, so given the chance to sne..
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