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 2014.153 LEXI versus ANNA “Bikini Battle”
Super Action Fight Production's roster keeps growing with new exclusive talent and as a result we ha..
2014.051 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Safprods Boxing”
We always like to see if the new recruits have what it takes so that usually involves throwing them ..
2014.052 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Scissors Destruction”
Safprods’ has a “tradition” of getting our new recruits on the mats with much more experienced wrest..
2014.053 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Head Scissors Battle”
Super Action Fight Productions has done it again!  LEXI is new to wrestling and exclusive to..
2014.075 BOBBI versus LEXI “Full Nelson”
BOBBI & LEXI met up on our mats to go over some holds and start off with Full Nelsons. BOBBI app..
2014.076 BOBBI versus LEXI “Head Scissors Battle”
2014 much like 2013 is proving to be an amazing year for new recruits!  We immediately got n..
2014.077 BOBBI versus LEXI “Head Scissors Challenge”
A unique take on our popular series of Head Scissors match-ups, this time around we had LEXI go at i..
2014.078 BOBBI versus LEXI “Bikini Catfight”
This custom storyline has BOBBI storming in mad as Hell that LEXI has been messing around with her m..
2014.116 ALYSSA versus LEXI “Strongest Legs”
ALYSSA & LEXI start off stretching on our mats as they go over their endurance challenge; each l..
2014.117 ALYSSA versus LEXI “Bikini Catfight”
ALYSSA & LEXI square off in this fantasy scenario where it seems once again that "somebody's bee..
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