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2014.214 ALYSSA versus MIA “Arm Wrestling Challenge”
Alyssa & rookie sensation Mia met up for a unique challenge for our mats; Arm Wrestling!  T..
2014.215 ALYSSA versus MIA “Bearhug Battle”
We had MIA square off against ALYSSA during her very first shoot with us back in 2014.  For thi..
2014.216 ALYSSA versus MIA “Safprods Boxing”
It’s difficult for us to schedule ALYSSA in a boxing match because most of our roster is hesitant to..
2014.217 ALYSSA versus MIA “Figure 4 Leglock Challenge”
ALYSSA & MIA get together for a Figure 4 Leglock challenge.  MIA goes first and gives her m..
2014.218 ALYSSA versus MIA “Bikini Domination”
2014 is proving to be another amazing year for recruiting as we welcome new wrestler MIA to our rank..
2014.219 “Solo Punching Bag” starring MIA
MIA is tall, slim, & gorgeous so needless to say, we were not really sure how “tough” she was, e..
2014.231 BOBBI versus MIA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”
Our exclusive gorgeous blondes BOBBI & MIA met up for a competitive belly punch battle in late 2..
2014.232 BOBBI versus MIA “Belly Torture”
This specialty "femdom" scenario has our superstar BOBBI completely destroy rookie sensation MIA's s..
2014.233 BOBBI versus MIA “Head Scissors Battle”
You are simply not going to find hotter blondes wrestling anywhere so any time we get BOBBI & MI..
2014.234 BOBBI versus MIA “Bikini Battle”
Our exclusive blondes BOBBI & MIA finally clash on our mats!  BOBBI has more experience and..
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