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 2017.012 GWEN versus PIXIE “Destroying Gwen”
We had not seen PIXIE a lot in the past few years due to scheduling issues, but once we got her in a..
2014.141 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Bikini Battle”
SAMANTHA finally squares off against new recruit PIXIE on our mats in this mid-2014 bikini wrestling..
2014.142 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Rookie Surprise”
SAMANTHA was only with us a year at the point she had to face PIXIE, but already at that point she w..
2014.143 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Pro-Style 1”
This video could have easily been including in our "destroying" line of matches, but since the ladie..
2014.144 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Pro-Style 2”
PIXIE is yet another dancer turned fighter (with a growing roster that includes ALYSSA, BOBBI, &..
2014.145 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Pro-Style 3”
Pixie wasn't intimidated by her more experienced opponent, and Samantha is always up for a challenge..
2014.146 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Pro-Style 4”
The final round featuring SAMANTHA & PIXIE going at it in Pro-Style action from the Summer of 20..
2014.147 ALYSSA versus PIXIE “Bikini Battle 1”
This was another scenario where the combatants were friends off the mats, but clearly had something ..
2014.148 ALYSSA versus PIXIE “Bikini Battle 2”
The action picks up moments after “Bikini Battle 1” with PIXIE immediately taking ALYSSA’s back to s..
2014.149 ALYSSA versus PIXIE “Bikini Battle 3”
Both ladies start off on their feet after the knockout finish to the previous round (check out 2014...
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