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 2013.189 HEATHER versus CHLOE “Safprods Boxing”
This producer’s personal favorite pairing of fighters; Chloe & Heather always give their all whe..
2012.024 SUMIKO versus HEATHER "Safprods Boxing"
Although Sumiko is easily 10 inches shorter than her Latina opponent, she was ready to go 3 solid..
2012.043 JAMIE DANIELS versus NATALIE MINX "Safprods Boxing"
Sheduled for 3 rounds of bikini boxing action, both fetish models at  first go at it very ca..
2012.129 CHLOE versus GWEN "Safprods Boxing"
We first found out about Gwen through an underground female boxing circuit over the Summer. ..
2012.143 CHLOE vs KENNEDY "Safprods Boxing"
CHLOE is a Jersey Shore bikini model whom has gradually become one of our most popular wrestlers ..
2013.005 CHLOE versus DEVON "Safprods Boxing"
One of the hardest hitting boxing matches we have seen here in a few years, Devon shows our super..
2013.010 SUMIKO versus NICOLE ORING "Safprods Boxing"
Not since the days we had KERI & BROOKE donning the gloves have we seen such an intense boxing m..
2013.018 CHLOE versus JADE "Safprods Boxing"
We initially found out about Chloe from a backyard boxing show that takes place here in New Jerse..
2013.028 HEATHER versus JADE "Safprods Boxing"
It has been over 2 years since the last time HEATHER has faced JADE on our mats!  This old r..
2013.038 SAMANTHA versus KELLI LYNN SAGE "Safprods Boxing"
popular tickle fetish star KELLI LYNN SAGE has dabbled with wrestling in the past, but this marke..
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