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2013.036 "Solo Punching Bag" starring REMI
  Easily one of the most unique requests we have had from a client in ages (well, that w..
2013.125 “Solo Punching Bag” starring SUMIKO
Quite possibly the best Solo Punching Bag produced anywhere, SUMIKO first shows off her perfect stom..
2013.143 “Solo Punching Bag” starring BOBBI
We have worked with the very best in this industry, and there is no question, Bobbi has the most ..
2013.144 “Solo Punching Bag” starring ALYSSA
  Alyssa tests her own abs with her powerful blows for us in this unique custom request..
2013.177 “Solo Punching Bag” starring CARISSA MONTGOMERY
The “Queen of Fetish” Carissa Montgomery tests her abs against her own hard punches!  One of th..
2013.188 “Solo Punching Bag” starring GWEN
GWEN takes the Solo Punching Bag challenge in this hard hitting clip on our mats!  GWEN star..
2014.026 “Solo Punching Bag” starring SAMANTHA
: Our sexy Latina Samantha accepts our challenge to be her very own “Punching Bag” for as long as sh..
2014.033 “Solo Punching Bag” starring JORDANA
Popular fetish star JORDANA returned to our mats for a day of shoots and also to test her abs!  ..
2014.034 “Solo Punching Bag” starring ALYSSA
Alyssa starts off this personal endurance challenge by showing off her abs.  Then it is down to..
2014.041 “Solo Punching Bag” starring SAMANTHA
Easily one of the sexiest ladies to ever step on the mats anywhere, SAMANTHA, accepted our challenge..
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