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2013.132 ANNA versus TASHA “Pro-Style 1”
We have been trying for a while to get Tickle Abuse's featured "tickler" TASHA on our mats, and f..
2013.133 ANNA versus TASHA “Pro-Style 2”
sexy black fighter TASHA is back on the mats to face Russian Beauty ANNA in another pro-style mat..
2013.134 ANNA versus TASHA “Pro-Style Pins”
Neither lady is known for their wrestling but when we got sleepy fetish superstar ANNA together with..
2013.135 ANNA versus TASHA “Ebony Knockouts”
Sexy new recruit, Tasha, is back on the mats for another match against Safprods' vet, Anna, for w..
2015.057 LEXI versus TASHA “Humiliated”
TASHA, in her first video for Super Action Fight Productions in two years, confronts LEXI over some ..
2017.060 ADRIANNA versus TASHA “Humiliated”
ADRIANNA returns to our mats after a half year layoff and TASHA returns after two years! This marked..
2017.067 CARISSA versus TASHA “Ebony Domination 1”
When we first got TASHA to shoot for us back in 2013; the wrestler we most wanted to see her tangle ..
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