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2013.111 HEATHER versus CARISSA MONTGOMERY “Wrestling Lesson”
Carissa Montgomery wants to show veteran wrestler Heather some new holds, so the statuesque beaut..
2013.116 SUMIKO versus BOBBI "Wrestling Lessons"
The industry's "Biggest Star" once again gets on the mats with the industry's "Hottest Bod!"  S..
2014.084 CARISSA versus TAYLOR “Wrestling Lesson”
TAYLOR has been away from our mats for a long while so CARISSA wanted to “help out” and give her a r..
2014.118 SAMANTHA versus AURIANNA “Wrestling Lesson”
AURIANNA turns to one of our most popular stars, SAMANTHA, to teach her some pro-style holds.  ..
2014.151 LEXI versus ANNA “Wrestling Lesson”
What starts off as a “friendly” demonstration of holds quickly devolves into a one-sided beatdown wi..
2015.047 MIA versus LEXI “Wrestling Lesson”
You are going to be hard pressed to find a more beautiful combatants together anywhere else, but as ..
2016.022 LEXI versus SUMMER “Wrestling Lesson”
At best, SUMMER, is basically a “part-time” wrestler that we are lucky to see a couple times a year...
2016.037 ADRIANNA versus GIGI “Wrestling Lesson”
GIGI is new to wrestling so ADRIANNA agrees to run her through some “pointers” on our style of actio..
2016.078 LEXI vs KAI “Wrestling Lesson”
KAI knew LEXI from their lingerie/bikini modeling careers and then found out that LEXI was making a ..
2016.094 GWEN vs LEXI “Wrestling Lesson”
GWEN returned to our mats for one final run in late 2016; although not quite the slim athletic fight..
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