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 2017.012 GWEN versus PIXIE “Destroying Gwen”
We had not seen PIXIE a lot in the past few years due to scheduling issues, but once we got her in a..
2012.091 CHLOE versus GWEN "Destroying Gwen"
Gwen's introduction to our style of action was against her best friend off the mats, Chloe, but a..
2012.092 CHLOE versus GWEN "Scissors Battle"
No, Gwen is not Brooke's younger sister, but we can certainly understand why fans will think that..
2012.093 CHLOE versus GWEN "Hairpulling Battle"
There is no question, Chloe has a ton more experience than her friend, Gwen, when it comes to wre..
2012.094 CHLOE versus GWEN "Belly Punch Battle"
Gwen during her very first shoot with us proved that she has hammer-like fists in this belly punc..
2012.095 CHLOE versus GWEN "Pro-Style"
Best friends off the mats, heated rivals on the mats!  Chloe & Gwen meet up again but th..
2012.103 HEATHER versus GWEN "Training Day"
Heather accepts Gwen's request to learn some new holds since she is new to our roster, and the ve..
2012.104 CHLOE versus GWEN "Bikini Destruction"
One of our hottest rivalries gets even hotter in this back & forth bikini wrestling match! &n..
2012.105 CHLOE versus GWEN "Hairpulling Struggle"
Chloe & Gwen have already met in an "Hairpulling Battle" bikini wrestling match, but this tim..
2012.114 ANNA versus GWEN "Belly Punch Battle"
Anna is back at Safprods, and this time around is facing off against rookie sensation, Gwen! ..
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